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Privacy Policy

It is the policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia that personal information about citizens will be collected only to the extent necessary to provide the service or benefit desired; that only appropriate information will be collected; that the citizen shall understand the reason the information is collected and be able to examine their personal record which is maintained by a public body.

What this Privacy Policy Covers

  • 本隐私政策涵盖VHCC对您访问VHCC网站时VHCC收集的个人身份信息的处理, and when you use VHCC’s on-line services.
  • 本政策不适用于VHCC不拥有或控制的公司的做法, or to people that VHCC does not employ or manage.

Policy Statement

VHCC根据《tg反波胆足球平台》(FERPA)保护学生记录的隐私,这是一部管理学生教育记录访问的联邦法律. The College will not permit access to, or the release of, 未经学生本人或符合资格的家长或法定监护人同意,擅自将教育记录泄露给法律规定以外的人. 学院将根据FERPA在学院目录中发布年度权利通知.

Students are afforded the following rights under FERPA:

  • 有权在提交查阅教育记录的请求后的四十五(45)天内检查和审查其教育记录.
  • 如果学生认为其教育记录不准确或具有误导性,有权要求修改其教育记录.
  • 有权在学院披露其教育记录中包含的个人身份信息之前提供书面同意, 除非FERPA在未经同意的情况下授权披露.
  • 有权向学院或美国教育部提出申诉, 如果他们认为学校没有遵守这项政策.

Information Collection and Use

  • Directory information consists of the following:
    • Student name
    • Current enrollment status (full time or part time)
    • 参加官方认可的活动和体育运动
    • Weight and height of athletic team members
    • Degrees, honors and awards receivedo Major field of study
    • Dates of attendance (not individual class sessions)
    • Number of credit hours enrolled
  • 当您注册某些VHCC网站服务时,VHCC会收集您的个人身份信息. VHCC也可能从我们的业务合作伙伴处收到个人身份信息.
  • When you apply for an on-line service with VHCC, we ask for your name, email address, birthdate, gender, phone, zip code, occupation, curriculum, industry, and comments. 
  • VHCC也可能自动接收并记录来自您浏览器的服务器日志信息,包括您的IP地址, VHCC cookie information and the page you requested. 

VHCC uses information for two general purposes:

  1. to fulfill your requests for certain services, and
  2. to contact you with information and new services. 

如果您发现您通过网站提交给VHCC的信息有误或想要检查您的信息, you should contact the webmaster by email at 您也可以通过写信给网站管理员,tg反波胆足球平台社区学院,P联系网站管理员.O. Box 828, Abingdon, Virginia, 24212.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

  • 在FERPA规定的某些条件下,VHCC可以未经同意从学生的教育记录中披露信息:
    • To school officials with a legitimate educational interest.
    • 致该学生寻求或打算入学的另一所学校的官员.
    • 与联邦和州支持的教育项目的审计和评估有关的政府官员.
    • To persons or organizations in connection with financial aid.
    • To persons or organizations conducting research, 代表学院进行研究或收集数据,以便进行测试, administration of financial aid, or the improvement of instruction.
    • To accrediting organizations.
    • To a parent or legal guardian of the student, 只要父母或法定监护人证明学生是纳税的受抚养人.
    • 为了遵守司法命令或传票,如果学院做出合理的努力提前通知学生,以便学生可以采取保护行动, 除非学校在法律上被要求不披露传票的存在.
    • 与健康或安全紧急事件有关的适当官员.
    • Information the College has designated Directory information.
    • 致暴力犯罪或非暴力性犯罪嫌疑人的受害人,告知有关该犯罪的纪律听证的最终结果;
    • 如果被指控的犯罪者被发现违反了学院的规则或政策,则向任何第三方提供与暴力犯罪或非强制性犯罪有关的纪律处分程序的最终结果.
    • 对未满21岁的学生的父母,如果学生违反了学校的规定或有关酒精或毒品的刑法.
    • 为回应与调查或起诉恐怖主义有关的单方面命令.
    • All officials shall document when information is disclosed.


VHCC目前不使用cookie,但可能会在您的计算机上设置和访问VHCC cookie.

A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier, 哪个是从网站的计算机发送到你的浏览器并存储在你的计算机硬盘上的.

如果您的浏览器偏好允许,每个网站都可以向您的浏览器发送自己的cookie, 但是(为了保护您的隐私)您的浏览器只允许网站访问它已经发送给您的cookie, not the cookies sent to you by other sites.

Choices About Cookies

You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is set. (Each browser is different, 因此,请查看浏览器的“帮助”菜单,了解如何更改cookie偏好.)


  • 在某些领域,VHCC使用标准的电子邮件或数据库来存储数据传输.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

  • VHCC may edit this policy from time to time. 如果我们有任何实质性的改变,我们会在我们的网页上发布显著的公告来通知您.

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